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Bobby Murdoch Phoenix CSC : Cead Mile Fáilte!

Bobby Murdoch Phoenix CSC is a supporters club for Celtic FC, of Glasgow, Scotland. But ye already knew that, if ye are a Tim.

All bhoys and ghirls are invited to join us in cheering on the Hoops every Saturday morning at Rosie McCaffrey's Irish Pub, located at 906 E. Camelback Road, in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. (If you are not from the States, trust us, it ain't Glasgow!)

Stewart Regan's Tequila


SFA Referee Bobby Madden

SFA Referee Bobby Madden: Gutted that Celtic won.

Easter Rising 100th Anniversary

Flags which flew over the GPO during the Easter Rising.

Bobby Murdoch CSC celebrates St. Patrick's Day

Phoenix CSC at Rosie McCaffrey's for St. Patrick's Day

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Check out our banner up top of the page. I think you will agree that it is totally sweet. All praise and thanx goes to our artist Lyndsay Johnson. If anyone needs any graphic arts work done, e-mail the club and I will put you in touch. If you need any photography done, give her husband Wes a shout.

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